Colonel Simon Fraser, Commanding Officer
78th Regiment of Foot, 1757-63

Friday, December 15, 2017

Detachment of Invalids of the 78th Regiment in 1763

The pay list of officers and men of the Fraser's 78th Highlanders at the time of disbandment in December 1763 did not include the detachment of invalids in the regiment. The following is a list of those invalid men and women.

     John Clark*
     Allan McDonell
     James Robinson
     Donald Burke
     John Coll
     Alexander Fraser*
     John Fraser*
     Simon Fraser*
     James Gunn
     William Moore
     James Crawford
     Duncan Cummin
     Donald Cuthbert
     Donald Fraser*
     John Fraser*
     John Fraser*
     Mary Kennedy
     Alexander McArthur
     Duncan McDonald*
     John McDonell
     John McDonell
     Ranald McDonell
     Lachlan McIntosh
     Lachlan McKinnon*
     Donald McQueen
     Niel Mehan
     Donald Thompson

*These names do appear as Chelsea Pensioners, but with so many similar names documented throughout the regiment it would be difficult to determine if these are the same as those admitted between 1758-64.

Treasury Board Papers, "Detachment of Invalids Belonging to Companies in Continent." LAC, Subsistence Rolls T1, vol. 422, Microfilm C-15642.

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