Colonel Simon Fraser, Commanding Officer
78th Regiment of Foot, 1757-63


Fraser’s 78th Community Events Schedule is a feature established for the purpose of allowing you to see the titles and subjects of future topics for the remainder of the year. We hope this information proves useful and will afford the opportunity to plan your research more effectively. These upcoming topics will be available for viewing on the listed days as follows:

2018 Schedule

1 Jan: Letter From Colonel Simon Fraser to General Forbes, Jan. 1758  POSTED

3 Jan:  Campaign Quotables  POSTED

15 Jan: Private Andrew McCulloch Returns to England  POSTED

1 Feb: Payroll Account of Corporal Hugh Tulloch, 78th Regiment of Foot, 1758

15 Feb: Letter from Colonel Simon Fraser to General Forbes, Feb. 1758

1 Mar: Generosity: Soldiers of the 78th Regiment contribute £2000!

15 Mar: Accompt Major Clephane to Alex'r. Mckay, Oct. 1757

1 Apr: Payroll Account of Serjeant Alexander Rose, 78th Regiment of Foot, 1758

15 Apr: Payroll Account of Serjeant John Watson, 78th Regiment of Foot, 1758

1 May: Payroll Account of Serjeant John McGregor, 78th Regiment of Foot, 1758

15 May: Payroll Account of Thomas Russell, 78th Regiment of Foot, 1758

1 Jun: Letter to Lt. Col. Simon Fraser, Second Highland Battalion, 1757

15 Jun: Lt. Fraser to Join 78th Regiment, Oct. 1761

1 Jul – 15 Dec: The Siege of Quebec: Journal of the Particular Transactions During The Siege of Quebec, June – Sep. 1759.

Note: The soldiers' payroll accounts are itemized income and expenses sheets covering July 1757-April 1758. In today's terms, a suitable comparison would be your monthly pay stub. Due to the volume of payroll accounts made available [about 90 total] this will be a reoccurring topic of discussion over the next few years.


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