Colonel Simon Fraser, Commanding Officer
78th Regiment of Foot, 1757-63

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Early Newspaper Accounts for the 78th Regiment [2nd Highland Battalion]

Schofields Middlewich Journal, or Cheshire
January 4, 1757. [NUMB 27.]
The two Regiments raising in the Highlands are to consist of 1000 Men each, to be commanded by Col. Fraser, Son of the late Lord Lovat, and Major Montgomery, Brother to the Earl of Eglington. No Lowlanders to be received into these Regiments, but are to be raised from the following Clans, viz. the Campbell's, the Mackenzie's, the Frazer's, the Macdonald's and the Grants.

London Read Weekly, or British Gazetteer
Saturday, January 29, 1757. Nº 39010
To expedite the raising of the two Highland Battalions of foot to be sent to North America, we hear, that the Captain of each company has undertaken to raise fifty men; the two Lieutenants twenty men each, and the Ensign ten; by which means each company will be complete in six weeks from the date of their commissions, and are to make together a body of 2000 men. The two battalions to be raised in the Highlands are to be in the Highland dress, both officers and men.

The Public Advertiser
Thursday, February 3, 1757
Glasgow, Jan. 24. On Wednesday an Order was received from London, to provide 2400 pairs of shoes and also Shoulder-Belts for the two Highland Regiments now raising.

Schofields Middlewich Journal
Tuesday, February 22, 1757
They write from Edinburgh, that the levying of the new Highland Battalions goes on successfully in the North, and particularly that the Munro Company was compleated in about 10 Days.

The Public Advertiser
Friday, March 25, 1757. NUMB. 6093
The Recruits quartered about Town belonging to the Highland Battalions are ordered to march in order to embark. 

London Read Weekly, or British Gazeteer
Saturday, March 26, 1757. Nº 3918
Edinburgh, March 17.  On the 2d instant marched from Aberdeen for Inverness, [being head quarters] the first detachment of Capt. Simon Fraser's company [in the second battalion of Col. Fraser's Highland Regiment] consisting of eighty two; the remainder forty eight, are kept in the country on the recruiting business, in all, one hundred and thirty. They are all well made fellow, mostly Highlanders and speak the Irish language; and were all raised and enlisted in the space of five weeks. 

The General Evening Post
From Saturday April 2, to Tuesday, April 5, 1757. No. 3627
London, April 2. Orders are dispatched to the North, for the two Battalions of Highlanders immediately to march to Port Patrick, from whence they are to proceed with all Expedition to Corke, in order to embark for America. Tis said each of the Battalions have about 200 Men above their Compliment.

London Evening-Post
From Saturday, April 9, 1757, to Tuesday, April 12, 1757. NUMB. 4591
Dublin, April 2.  The two Highland Battalions raised in Scotland, are to land at Donaghadee, and marched from thence to Corke, to embark with other Forces for America.
We hear the Regiments commanded by Lieut. Gen. Phillip Anstruther, Major Gen. John Folliot, and Col. Yorke, are to embark from Scotland for this Kingdom, and land at Donaghadee; and that Maj. Gen. Lambton's and Col. Anstruther's Regiments are to be sent from England to land at Corke, to replace the Forces order'd to America. 

The Public Advertiser
Thursday, April 21, 1757. NUMB. 7016
Edinburgh, April 14.  The Remainder of the two Highland Battalions will be at Glasgow this week where they are to be review'd in their Uniforms on Wednesday next, immediately after which they will proceed to Port Patrick, in their way to Cork.

The Evening Advertiser
Thursday, April 28, 1757. No. 91
Dublin, April 23.  Last Monday two officers set out for Donaghadee, in order to conduct the two highland battalions to Cork for embarkation.

The Public Advertiser
Saturday, May 7, 1757. NUMB 7030
Edinburgh, April 30.  Thursday, the 2d Battalion of Highlanders, commanded by Col. Montgomery, marched from Glasgow to Port-Patrick, in order to embark for Iceland. Colonel Frazer's Battalion will march Next week.

The Gentleman and London's Magazine
Thursday, June 30, 1757
Sailed from Cork his majesty's ship Falkland 50 guns for South Carolina, the Enterprize of 40 guns for Nova Scotia, and the Stork sloop of 10 guns for Jamaica, with 20 sail of transports, having on board the two Highland battalions commanded by the Cols. Montgomery and Frazer, and the West India fleet.

The General Evening Post
Edinburgh, Tuesday, July 26, 1757
We are informed that orders are given for raising nine companies of Highlanders of 100 men each; three whereof are to be added to Lord John Murray's regiment, three to Col. Montgomery's, and three to Col. Frazer's: they are to be sent to America as soon as they can be raised. Several necessaries are preparing for them.


A Brief Relation  NEW
Saturday, October 21, 1758
Regiments sailed from Louisbourg for Boston, the 30th of August.
2d battalion of Royal Scots, Gen. Sinclair.
17th regiments, General Forbes's.
47th ditto, Lascelle's.
48th ditto, Webb's.
63d ditto, Col. Frazer's highlanders.
Under convoy of the Captain man of war of 64 guns, commanded by Capt. Amherst, with General Amherst onboard.
We hear from the southward, that General Forbes lies dangerously ill.

London Read Weekly Journal  NEW
Saturday, November 4, 1758
Glasgow, Oct. 23. On Wednesday last arrived at Greenock, the Ludlow-Castle man of war, Capt. Clark, with nine sail of transports from Portsmouth, to carry a body of new raised highlanders, &c over to North America.


The Whitehall Evening Post
Thursday, January 4, to Saturday, January 6, 1759. No. 1997
The King has been pleased to appoint Donald Cameron, Gent. to be Lieutenant in the 78th Regiment, or 2d Highland Battalion of Foot, commanded by Lieut. Col. Simon Fraser.

London Read Weekly
Saturday, January 13, 1759. No. 4013
The King has been pleased to appoint Alexander Fraser, Esq. to be Lieutenant in the 78th Regiment, or 2d Highland Battalion of Foot, commanded by Lieut. Col. Simon Fraser.

Public Advertiser  NEW
Thursday, March 22, 1759  
Scotland. Edinburgh, March 15. On Wednesday last arrived at Glasgow two additional Companies of Highlanders, of 1000 Men each, the one for Colonel Frazer's Regiment, the other for Colonel Montgomery's, and on Saturday they marched for Greenock, to take shipping for America.


Public Advertiser  NEW
Thursday, July 24, 1760
Scotland. Edinburgh, July 19. Extract of a Letter from an Officer in Colonel Frazer's Regiment, dated from Quebec, May 20. "The French bought their Advantage on the 28th of April, at a very dear Rate; they had 4 Companies of their Grenadiers cutoff to 30; they lost in all about 2000 by their own Account, and 500 more during the Siege, which lasted 19 Days, during which it is incredible to tell with what Spirit everything went on in the Garrison, and what Works were furnished; the Town was so fortified, that the Enemy could not have been Mailers of it, without a great Loss of Time, and a great Number of their Men. I assure you, that during the Siege we had not above 2000 Men fit for Duty; the rest were taken ill with Flux and Scurvy; and it must be said of the Governor and Garrison, that they have acted with a Spirit worthy of True Britons. As to the Loss this Regiment has sustained, it is as usual, for out of 340 Men that marched out [500 being HI of the Scurvy remaining in the Town] 230 were killed: or wounded, and of 35 Officers, there were 29 killed or wounded. Capt. Donald M'Donald, and Lieut. Cosmo Gordon, were killed, and poor Hector Macdonald of Boisdale was shot thro' the Lungs, of which he died in three Days; Ensign Fraser died of his Wounds in five Days; all of them greatly and justly regretted. All the rest of the wounded Officers are doing well."


Gazeteer and London Daily Advertiser
Monday, August 30, 1762. No. 10,407
The following regiments still remain in North America, viz, 44th, Abercrombies; 45th, Boscowan's; 46th, Murray's; 47th, Lascelle's; 55th, Oughton's; 60th [or Royal American,] three battalions; 78th Fraser's Highlanders; and 80th, late Gage's; in all 10 battalions. It is supposed that some of these [particulary at Halifax or Quebec, at which last place there are three regiments] may be ready to co-operate with the fleet that is sailed from England, for the recovery of Newfoundland.

Gazeteer and London Daily Advertiser
Tuesday, September 28, 1762
Lieut. William Robertson, of the 78th Regiment of foot. commanded by the Hon. Col. Fraser, to be Captain of an independent company of foot.


London Evening Post
Thursday September 8, to Saturday September 10, 1763. Numb. 5994
His Majesty has been pleased to constitute and appoint Lieut. Alexander Wood, to be Captain in the 78th Regiment of foot, commanded by the Hon. Col. Fraser, in the room of Capt. Charles McDonald, deceased.

St. James Chronicle or British Evening Post,
 London, 8 December 1763  NEW
Edinburgh, December 3. From Glasgow we have Advice that only the Officers and 200 private Men of Colonel Frazer's Regiment from Quebec had arrived at Greenock, and that 400 of them, before they left that Place, had been draughted into General Amherst's Regiment of Royal Americans.

Note: It is confirmed draughts of the 78th Regiment were transferred to the 15th & 60th Royal American Regiments. Evidence is not yet available confirming any men transferred to the 27th Regt.

St. James Chronicle or British Evening Post, London, 22 December 1763  
Glasgow, December 15. Yesterday the Remains of Colonel Frazer's Regiment of Highlanders were drawn up in the Green, and afterwards disbanded; by their stay at Quebec most of them are able to speak the French Language tolerably.

Gazeteer & London Daily Advertiser, London, Monday, 26 December 1763  
The 14th inst. Frazer's Highlanders regiment was broke at Glasgow; most of them had learned French during their residence at Quebec.

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