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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Accoutrements of the 78th Regiment of Foot, May 1758

Captain John Nairn's Journal, 78th Regiment, 1762Albeit nothing official has ever been located in describing exactly which tartan the 78th Regiment Highland Dress uniform consisted of, this author has discovered an accounting ledger among the personal papers of Major James Clephane, dated May 1758. The ledger's purpose was for tracking expenses for each soldier in his company, including accoutrements issued, and the monthly pay received. Considering the date of the ledger and the items listed, we believe these to be of initial government issue.

1. 1 - Pair Shoes
2. 1 - Napsack
3. 1 - Haversack
4. 1 - Cocade
5. 1 - Pair Garters & 1 Sett Buckles
6. 1- Kilt & Small Belt 
7. 2 - Cheq’d Shirt 
8. 1 - Turn Key Screw, Brush & Wire 
9. Proportion of a Cooks Frock 
10. Leather Frock

The major's sister, Betty Clephane [wife of the chief of Clan Rose], discussed some of these items in a 1757 letter to her brother, John, updating him on the recruiting efforts taking place: "We are already in such order, that we have our men received everyday with a stick on his shoulder and a good sack on his back, and a philibeg about his loup." Her jubilant thoughts expressly conveyed women were involved in the raising of the 78th Regiment.

3. Multiple men throughout the Major Clephane's Company are recorded as having received two haversacks; one prior to departing Kilraick, Inverness for North America, the second while en route at Cork, Ireland.
6. Some accounts lists small belt as pistle belt.
7. Issued by Major Clephane.
8. Used in maintaining and repairing the firelocks.
9. Each soldier was charged proportionally.
10. Only one soldier charged for this item; quite possibly the company blacksmith.

The Public Advertiser Newspaper
Thursday, February 3, 1757
Glasgow, Jan. 24. On Wednesday an Order was received from London, to provide 2400 pairs of shoes and also Shoulder-Belts for the two Highland Regiments now raising.

Order Books 
Saturday, 11 May 1762
"...Every soldier to be provided with a Brush weir, worm stopper, Turn key screw & rag for his arms, a hammer Stale [?] & flint case of proper Leather never to be taken off except when under arms, or on duty, 4 good shirts & stocks, one night cape, an Ivory & horn come for the hair, Black ball & Shoe Brushes, the men for guard allways to be well sheav'd have Clean shirts their hair ty'd behind & Clubb'd. Their arms very clean shoulder belts & Cartridge Boxes well Blacked, & shoulder Belt Buckles Brisk, every soldier whether he is on duty or not to have his face hands & knees well wash'd his hair well com'd cut short on the top of his head & his locks short, his Bonnet proper so as to reach his Brues before, & as high as possible behind with the Cockard fix'd so as the haf of it may stand upright above the Bonnet, his plaid never to be worn but kelted, the fillibeg or little kelt to be allways worn in summer or harvest except when upon duty."

See the article titled Clothing for the Highland Regiments, 1757 for a discussion on regimental clothing, including the 42nd, 77th and 78th Regiment of Foot.

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© Jeffrey Campbell, Fraser's 78th Regiment of Foot, 2018.