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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Surname Variations in the 78th Regiment

The company clerks for the 78th Regiment did a wonderful job in recording the many different surnames for over 1500 soldiers during their stay in North America. And we would expect to see some variations throughout the hundreds of documents they were charged with upkeeping. From pay accounts to invalid lists and even muster rolls, while many of the surnames are synonymous with today's spelling, we've uncovered the following variations throughout the Regiment, probably differing with each clerk depending on who the particular scribe may have been. We hope this list assists in your research, and be sure to let us know in the comments section below if we've missed any names. We'll be sure to get those added for you.

Surname Variations in the 78th Regiment

Beaton, Beatton

Bochanan, Buchanan

Brown, Browne

Cairy, Keary

Campbel, Campbele, Campbell, Campble

Camaron, Cameron, Camron

Canvin, Kinnavin

Carmichael, Carmichail

Carr, Kerr

Chisholm, Chisolm

Clark, Clarke, Clerk

Cormack, Cormak, Cormake

Cumming, Cummings, Cummins

Davison, Davidson

Fergison, Ferguson

Forbes, Forbis

Forsyth, Forsythe,

Fraser, Frasier, Frazer

Fulerton, Fullerton

Gun, Gunn

Harley, Hearly

Hutcheson, Hutchinson

Johnson, Johnston

Irving, Irwin

Kenady, Kenedy, Kennedy

Law, Lowe

Levoche, Levock

McAlester, McAlister, McAllester

McAllum, McCallum

McAuley, McCauley

McBain, McBaine, McBean, Mcaybin

McCall, McCole, McColl

McCarly, McErbie

Mcra, McCraw, McGrah

McDougal, McDougall

McFarlane, McFarlin

McGibbans, McGibbons

McGilbray, McGiliveroy, McGilora, McGilvray, McGilleray, McGillivray, McGillvray, McGilavrie

McGregar, McGregor, McGrigor

McIntire, McIntyre

Mckay, Mckey

McKenon, McKinnon, McKinven, McKinvin

McLachlan, Mclachlin, McLaughlin

McMillen, McMullen

McNab, McNabb

McNaughton, McNorton

McNicall, McNicoll

McNouloch, McNulloch

McPhie, McPhii

McQueen, McQuin

McTormet, McTormitt

MacDonald, Mackdonald, McDonald*

Mack crae, McCrae

Mack Lean, MackLean, MacLean, McLea, McLean, McLay

MackLeod, Mcleod

Mack queen, Mcqueen

MackDonnel, McDonel, McDonell*

Mackenzie, McEnzie, McKenzie, McKinn, McKinzey, McKinzie

Mackay, McKay

MacLeod, McLeod, McLoud

Mackniel, McNeal, McNiel

Martin, Martine

Milles, Mills

Mitchal, Mitchell

Monro, Munro, Munroe

More, Moore

Morrow, Mourow

Mustard, Muster'd

Nichols, Nicoll

Robertson, Robinson*

Simson, Simpson

Steward, Stewart, Stuart

Strachen, Strauchen

Taveish, Tavish

Thomson, Thompson

Tolmie, Tolmay, Tolmey

Vass, Vauss, Wass

Weir, Wier

Note: McDonald/McDonell, Robertson/Robinson were used interchangeably.

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©  Jeffrey Campbell, Fraser's 78th Regiment of Foot, 2018.