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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Leaves of Absence, Aug. 1761

Albany, 11th August 1761

Dear Sir, 

I give you Joy of the Reduction of Belleisle the Packet that was supposed taken being at last arrived Safe at New York, having waited at Falmouth for the June Mail. The Letters Arrived here last Night, and I have Directed that those for the Several Governments in Canada shall be sorted that I may Dispatch them immediately. I Don't doubt but you will receive in your Letters all the News which the Packet brings but least your Correspondents Letters may not be so lately as when the Gazette came out, I send you a Copy of the Capitulation of Belleisle.

The Secretary at War has acquainted me of the King's Intentions in regard to the Contingent Men, on which I write to the Commanding Officers of Corps, and I leave those of your Government open for your perusal. I have also received a List of promotions from the War Office a Copy of which I Enclose to you.

Major Abercromby in a Letter to my Brother, has Desired the Adjutancy of Fraser's may be granted to Lieut. Malcolm Fraser instead of another Lieut. Fraser who Chuses to Resign, Which Commission I have signed and now transmit to you. There are several leaves of Absence, which the Major requests for Officers in the Regimt, viz. Capt. John McDonnell being in a bad State of Health desires leave to go home in the fall. Lieut John McTavish to go home as it would be an Act of Charity to him & his family; Lieut. Baille to get rid of Some Difficulties in money Matters. Mr. Mclean the Surgeon has pressing business too, that calls him home, and the Major will take Care the Regiment shall not Suffer by the Absence of the Surgeon. To all which you have to answer if you think it really requisite for the above Gentlemens affairs to go to Europe. You have my Leave to permit any of the Whole to go, as you think proper.

Dispositions for carrying on the War, are continued in England as Earnestly as tho' Mo. de Brissy was not in London, or Mr. Stanley in Paris, and that the Congress which must now be assembled at Augsbourg had never been thought of.

                                                                   I am, with great Truth & Esteem

                                                                   Dear Sir, Jeff Amherst

P.S. I am to Acknowledge the Receipt of your Letter of 
7th June by Mr. Wilkins the Surgeon of Otways, you 
may be Assured I shall be glad to convince him
of my Regard to your Recommendation.


Hon.ble Br. General Murray

Jeffery Amherst, "Officers Requesting Leaves of Absence." LAC, War Office Records: Amherst Papers. Letters from the Commander-in-Chief, New York, to the Governor of Quebec, 1760-1763. W.O. 34, vol. 3, p. 105.

©  Jeffrey Campbell, Fraser's 78th Regiment of Foot, 2017.