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Monday, April 15, 2019

Letter to Major James Clephane at New York, 1759

Dear Sir

I was extremely sorry to Hear by Capt. Crawford, that you have been in a bad State of Health for Sometime past, I hope by this time you have got the Better of your Illness which will give you one great Satisfaction; as you Intend to sell out I wish you a good market & a safe Return to your native country. By Letters from England in the spring I was informed of your Brother the Doctor’s Death which is not only a great loss to all His Relations, but even to His country in general, as he Had the Honour to be universally usefull in the Public Station he fill’d. Had he lived I am very Certain he would have done something for me on my return to England, having received all the assistance from him in his power, the last time I was at London, I am still first mate of the Prcr. Of Orange, and shall remain this winter at Halifase, which is unlucky for me as I am afraid we shall have a Peace soon, In this case I belive will be my best way to go into the East India Service, but If the war continues, a Recommendation to any of your friends in London may be of use to me. Our ship was one that went on the expedition against Quebec the Particulars of which Capt. Crawford can give you a Better account of that as he was on the spot; I shall only observe that both fleet and army Did their Duty like true Sons of Britton, and it was a common saying all over the fleet that the Highlanders behaved like angels. If you’ll please to write one before you set out for England and give me a direction to ….. ….. you’ll greatly oblidge.
Dear Sir
Your affectionate cousin & Humble Servt.
Jo: Clephane

Prce. of Orange in Halifase Harbour

          Novr. ye. 10th 1759

Note: Letter to Major James Clephane at New York, from his cousin John Clephane, mate of the Prince of Orange, discussing Clephane's impending retirement due to health concerns and wishing him a safe return home. Also, discussing the death of Clephane's brother, Doctor Clephane, and his ship's participation in the expedition to Quebec, where 'the Highlanders behaved like angels.'

Clephane, John. Letter to Major James Clephane at New York, 1759. GD125/22/17/29. National Archives Scotland.

©  Jeffrey Campbell, 78th Regiment of Foot, 2019.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Campaign Quotables

A collection of inspirational quotes about the men of Fraser's 78th Highlanders found among the many historical military documents gathered from various sources over the years. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

[Alexander Gregorson, Ensign, 78th Regiment]
“…very strongly recommended by Colonel Campbell & to whose friends I am so much indebted that I should take his being provided for as a very great favour."
-Colonel Simon Fraser, on board Halifax off Nantasket Lighthouse

“…Amhersts & the Hiland Regts. alone By their Soldier like and Cool Behaviour would undouptedly have beat back the whole Canadian army if they Had been order’d to attack them.”
-General James Wolfe, Camp at Quebec

“…I shall only observe that both fleet and army Did their Duty like true Sons of Britton, and it was a common saying all over the fleet that the Highlanders behaved like angels!”
-John Clephane, on board Prince of Orange in Halifax Harbour

“Captain Donald McDonald a Brave and Experienced officer who had been on several little party’s this winter, having asked to have the Command of a Company of Volunteers, I formed one for him this Day consisting of Picked men, as such a Corps might be of use, and I thought Necessary to give officers who were willing to have an Opportunity to distinguish themselves.”
-General George Townshend, Camp at Quebec

[Robert Macpherson, Chaplain, 78th Regiment]
“…This gentleman is a most deserving Sensible man & the best chaplain I ever knew.”
-Major James Abercrombie, at New York

“…The Highlanders returning towards our main body tho’ had all this time kept their order and behaved nobly with the outmost courage and regularity.”
-Chaplain Robert Macpherson, Camp at Quebec

“…Besides the loss of officers and men this victory compleats, it was to our sad regrete too dearly Brought in the death of our gallant commander Mr Wolfe.”
-Chaplain Robert Macpherson, Camp at Quebec

"...The Colony of Connecticut & the 2d Highland Battalion are hand & glove & we are the only old countrymen they believe capable of performing great exploits, not but they hold themselves as the great Warriors, & suffer us only to follow longo intervallo."
-Colonel Simon Fraser, Camp at Connecticut

"...I dare assure you that I shall be able, when I come to Glasgow, to make out a company of 110 or 112 men, as good hearty young fellows as are to be seen in many regiments, and all as willingly and cheerfully engaged as is possible any men to be, for not one of them ever confined, and not one deserted while here, in which I glory and have great joy."
-Major James Clephane, at Inverness

[Battle of Sainte-Foy]
"...I assure you, that during the Siege we had not above 2000 Men fit for Duty; the rest were taken ill with Flux and Scurvy; and it must be said of the Governor and Garrison, that they have acted with a Spirit worthy of True Britons."
-Officer of Colonel Fraser's regiment

"...The Highlanders are very usefull serviceable soldiers, and commanded by the most manly corps of officers I ever saw; they have behaved with distinction."

-Brigadier General James Wolfe to Lord George Sackville

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©  Jeffrey Campbell, Fraser's 78th Regiment of Foot, 2018.