Colonel Simon Fraser, Commanding Officer
78th Regiment of Foot, 1757-63

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Soldiers of the 78th Regiment Discharged in America

Although 158 names appear in Col. J.R. Harper's The Fraser Highlanders [p.123-5,] this list contains 170 soldiers of the 78th Regiment of Foot discharged in Quebec, Canada in 1763. The list does not include commissioned officers. It is possible some of these men joined the 15th Regiment, the 47th Regiment, or the 2nd Battalion 60th Royal American Regiment and participated in the continued securing of Quebec from 1763-68.

The men who delivered in their swords were authorised three shillings sword money, and 14 days pay at the rate of 7 shillings when they officially received their discharges. It's important to differentiate, that these men were discharged from military service and should not be confused with the former soldiers above.

The Colonel's Company
Drum Major Alexander Kennedy
Serjeant Alexander Fraser
Serjeant Donald Fraser
Serjeant Donald Gray
Corporal Thomas Fraser
Corporal Thomas Reid
Soldier Hugh Forbes
Soldier Alexander Fraser
Soldier John Fraser
Soldier Thomas Maitland
Soldier Robert Robertson
Soldier John Simpson

Major James Abercrombie's Company
Serjeant Hugh Tulloch
Corporal Donald McKenzie
Corporal Allan Shaw
Drummer John McDonell
Soldier John Anderson
Soldier Hugh Fraser
Soldier William Fraser
Soldier George McAdam
Soldier Donald McDonald
Soldier Evan McLachlin
Soldier John McLeod

Major John Campbell's Company
Serjeant William Fraser
Serjeant George Thompson
Corporal Allan Cameron
Soldier Angus Cameron
Soldier Evan Cameron
Soldier Donald Henderson
Soldier John Kennedy
Soldier Donald McGillvray
Soldier Kenneth McKenzie

Captain John McDonell's Company
Serjeant Donald Campbell
Serjeant Alexander McDonald
Serjeant James Thompson
Corporal Donald Fraser
Corporal William Porterfield
Drummer Thomas Fraser
Drummer John Hamilton
Soldier John Fraser
Soldier William Fraser
Soldier Allan McArthur
Soldier Evan McGillvray
Soldier John McPherson

Captain Alexander McLeod's Company
Serjeant James Carmichael
Serjeant James Gordon
Serjeant Angus McDonell
Serjeant Alexander Mcnaughton
Serjeant James Sinclair
Drummer Rory McDonell
Soldier Duncan Campbell
Soldier Allan McDonell
Soldier Allan McDonell

Captain Hugh Cameron's Company
Serjeant Gilbert Anderson
Serjeant Allan Cameron
Serjeant George McKenzie
Corporal Evan Cameron
Corporal Roderick Fraser
Corporal John Lamb
Drummer Duncan Mckenzie
Soldier John Chisholm
Soldier John Fraser
Soldier William Fraser
Soldier Duncan McDonell
Soldier John McDonell
Soldier David McLean
Soldier Duncan McMillan
Soldier George Sutherland

Captain Ranald McDonell's Company
Serjeant Alexander Ferguson
Serjeant William Fraser
Corporal Alexander McDonell
Corporal Donald Mcpherson
Corporal John Ross
Drummer Grigor McGrigor
Soldier Evan Black
Soldier John Carmichail
Soldier Miles Carmichail
Soldier Edward Davidson
Soldier John Ferguson
Soldier Alexander Grant
Soldier Peter Grubb
Soldier John Gunn
Soldier Duncan McGrigor
Soldier Donald Sutherland

Captain John Fraser's Company
Serjeant Malcolm Fraser
Serjeant James McDonell
Serjeant Mure Trotter
Corporal Benjamin Allen
Soldier John Chisholm
Soldier James Forsyth
Soldier John Fraser
Soldier Simon Fraser
Soldier Donald McDonald
Soldier Farquhar McGillvray

Captain Archibald Campbell's Company
Serjeant Simon Fraser
Serjeant James Robertson
Serjeant John Watson
Corporal John Campbell
Corporal Hector Ross
Soldier James Campbell
Soldier Donald Cuthbert
Soldier Alexander Johnston
Soldier Alexander McArthur
Soldier Lachlan McIntosh

Captain Alexander Campbell's Company
Serjeant John Fraser
Serjeant Edward Mcpherson
Serjeant Duncan Wier
Corporal Evan Mcpherson
Corporal Lewis Stuart
Soldier Duncan Cameron
Soldier Murd. Cameron
Soldier James Fraser
Soldier John McKay
Soldier John Mcpherson
Soldier Thomas Mcpherson
Soldier John Smith

Captain John Nairn's Company
Serjeant Allan McDonell
Corporal Donald McKinnon
Corporal William Ross
Drummer William Bruce*
Soldier James Forbes
Soldier Donald McIntosh
Soldier William More
Soldier Alexander Munro
Soldier Alexander Ross
Sodlier Archibald Stuart
Soldier William Thompson

Captain Hugh Fraser's Company
Serjeant John Clark
Serjeant Alexander Fraser
Serjeant Alexander McKay
Corporal Duncan Forbes
Corporal George Geddes
Drummer Alexander Fraser
Drummer John Stuart
Soldier Peter Campbell
Soldier John Fraser
Soldier John Fraser
Soldier Murd. Mcpherson
Soldier Peter Stuart
Soldier John Sutherland

Captain Hugh Montgomerie's Company
Serjeant Alexander Shaw
Serjeant William Watson
Corporal John Ferguson
Corporal Donald Fraser
Corporal Hector Munro
Drummer John Provan
Soldier Alexander Cormak
Soldier Thomas Davidson
Soldier Alexander Fraser
Soldier James Johnston
Soldier Roderick McKenzie
Soldier Donald McLean
Soldier James McQueen
Soldier Donald Morrison
Soldier Donald Munro
Soldier John Ross

Captain Alexander Wood's Company
Serjeant Alexander Fraser
Serjeant William Gunn
Serjeant Ranald McDonell
Corporal John Fraser
Corporal John McDonell
Corporal Donald McIntyre
Drummer Donald McKenzie
Soldier James Crawford
Soldier William Grahame
Soldier John Kennedy
Soldier John McDonell
Soldier Ranald McDonell
Soldier John McIntosh
Soldier Alexander Mckenzie

William Bruce actually reported to the 15th Regiment at Quebec, 25 August 1763. In less than one year, on 15 May 1764,  Bruce and three other soldiers from General Amherst's Company deserted the regiment. Two additional soldiers from the same company deserted four days later.

Additionally, these six men are known to have filed Crown land petitions with the Quebec Government, dated 19 May 1765, for their military service with the 78th Regiment: Donald Clark, Alexander McNabb, Angus McDonald, Duncan McGraw, William McNabb, Finlay Munro.

A more detailed analysis of the total number of soldiers of the 78th Regiment that remained in North America after 1763 can be located here.

Treasury Board Papers, "An Account of His Majesty's Royal Bounty of Fourteen Days Subsistence, also the Sword Money paid the following Men of the 78th Regiment Discharged in America." LAC, Series RG4, C2, vol. 1, Microfilm 10462.

War Office Records. Muster Books and Paylists: General, 15th Regiment, 1760-1767. LAC, W.O. 12, vol. 3228, Microfilm C-9202.

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