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Lt. Hugh Fraser Transfers to the 78th Regiment, Oct. 1761

Writing from Staten Island in the fall of 1761, General Jeffrey Amherst informs the Honorable Governor James Murray regarding the recent commission sold to Lieutenant Hugh Fraser, 27th Inniskilling Regiment, and his impending transfer to the 78th Regiment. Military transfers of this nature were often necessary to maintain the proper distribution of troop levels across the regiments during the campaign.

Staten Island 25th Octr. 1761

Dear Sir,
I Have granted a Commission to Lieut. Fraser of the 27th. to the Company in Frasers, and he now Sets out to Joyn the Regt. and will Deliver you this with my other Letters.

I am, with great Truth & Regard
Dear Sir,  &c.

Jeff Amherst


P.S. The Company is Capt: Fraser's who sells out.

Hon: Govr. Murray.

Note: Lt. Hugh Fraser is the only Fraser officer in 1762 to be identified as having previously served with the 27th Inniskilling Regiment. A full list of officers to have served with the 78th Regiment is located here.

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