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The Siege of Quebec: Week Eleven

Journal During the Siege of Quebec
September 5th, 1759. The whole of our Light Infantry, under command of Colonel How, to march 1/4 mile to the westward of Goram's post (formerly mentioned), where they are to embark on board the men-of-war and transports. As we were passing the river Else Chemin the enemy fired from a two-gun battery. None of us hurt ; prodigiously crowded on board.

6th. Nothing extraordinary. We drove up with the flood tide opposite Cape Rouge, discovered some men on the north shore fortyfying the bay to the eastward of the Cape, as also a house which they occupy'd.

This evening His Excellency General Wolfe, with the three Brigadier and the army of the intended attack, embarked. The army in great spirits.

7th. Remains on the same anchorage ground as yesterday. The General in the Hunter sloop-of-war went up the length of Point au Tremble to reconoitre. The enemy continues to word on the north shore.

8th. The General with the Hunter sloop returned at 12 o'cl., orders for 1500 men to prepare to land on north shore, and wait the night tide, under the command of the Brigadiers Moncton and Murray.

A faint.

The Hunter sloop-of-war, one transport with Roy. Americans, and another with Light Infantry, to fall up to Point au Tremble, and return with the ebb tide in the morning. The weather very rainy.

9th. The weather continues very rainy, which prevents the 1500 men landing. We remained off Point au Tremble. The remaining vessels in their former station opposite to Capr Rouge. We can;t perceive any works on the beach, only small entrenchments from the mill to a house about 300 yards to the eastward (belonging to Point au Tremble), and discovered but very few men. 60 bataves on shore ; no floating batterys.

10th. At 8 o'clock this morning returned to Cape Rouge with the ebb tide. This morning a part of the army landed on the south shore, as also three companys Light Infantry, in order to refresh the men and dry their camp equipage after the constant heave rains we had these two past days. Capt. Fraser's co remained on board by lott.

The General went down the river to reconoitre the north shore.

A soldier of Capt. Delaune's co. fell overboard and drowned.

11th. Nothing extraordinary. The troops that landed yesterday remains on shore ; the situation of the enemy the same as the past two days.

Anon. Journal of the particular transactions during the siege of Quebec: at anchor opposite the Island of Orleans, July 26th, 1759. London, Quebec, 1901.

©  Jeffrey Campbell, Fraser's 78th Regiment of Foot, 2018.


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